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Fewer Resources

Employing production processes designed with recognized practices in in-situ extraction, closed-loop water processing, and efficient energy management.

Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint

Our local operating approach emphasizes energy efficiency and strives to minimize the use of resources and disruption to our surrounding environment. Our integrated, on-site processing model eliminates energy-consuming steps across the product value chain, which helps our customers achieve their sustainability ambitions with a smaller carbon footprint.

In-Situ Extraction

We believe that our solution extraction approach may result in lower greenhouse gas emissions than open-pit or underground mining methods.

Water Recycling

Our closed-loop processing equipment and techniques are being designed with a goal to capture, recycle, and recirculate water across multiple process operations, which may minimize water consumption.

Natural Heat Sources

Our in-situ process yields a naturally heated mineral-laden solution, reducing the heat energy required in subsequent processing steps, which could lower greenhouse gas emissions relative to other extraction technologies.

Integrated Derivative Production

The planned processing of advanced derivatives at our U.S. production facility will be at the same location as the upstream extraction likely allowing for more efficient logistics and use of energy resources.

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our determination to continually minimize our environmental footprint and maximize energy efficiency through integrated derivative processing supports the achievement of several UN SDGs.