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Who we are

5E Advanced Materials, Inc.

5E Advanced Materials, Inc. (Nasdaq:FEAM) (ASX:5EA) is positioned to become a vertically integrated global leader in BORON+advanced materials with a focus on enabling decarbonization. BORON+ products target critical, high value applications within electric transportation, clean energy, food and domestic security. 5E’s advanced materials business is underpinned by its low cost, light environmental touch boron resource in Southern California, which is designated Critical Infrastructure by the U.S. government and serves as the largest known new conventional boron deposit globally. 5E’s resource quality, domestic supply source, and downstream processing capabilities provide a competitive advantage given customer product specifications, scarcity of resource, and reliance on unstable, international supply.

There is an increasing call for a new stable source of BORON+ as U.S. and rest of world demand accelerates and 5E is strategically positioned to answer this call.

We are in the Right Place, at the Right Time, with the Right Asset.

Our Mission

Build a Global Leader in BORON+ Advanced Materials

5E Strategic Vision

Become a vertically integrated global leader in BORON+ advanced materials with a focus on enabling decarbonization.

Our Plan

Build a vertically integrated advanced materials business, underpinned by a low cost and secure input supply, downstream processing capabilities and blue chip customer Partnerships.

Our Impact

Enable global decarbonization and the push for net zero by developing innovative BORON+ applications, and providing a secure source of BORON+ advanced materials to global supply chains.