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Creating Opportunity
and Prosperity

Generating rewarding experiences and positive outcomes for our employees, local community, and stakeholders through our growth and sustainable operations.

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Building for the Future

Our approach to collaboration and partnerships accelerates our development and adds to the vitality of the communities in which we live and work.

Workforce Investment

Our multi-disciplinary workforce offers opportunity for personal growth and well-being and contributes to the local community and economy.

Knowledge Creation

Through specialized training and focus on process improvement, our employees develop skills and knowledge that help them contribute to solving tomorrow’s challenges and remain at the center of a changing industry. Our contributions extend to advancing critical materials knowledge through technical and research collaborations.

Community Development

Investments in facility construction, job creation, and skills training, local procurement and infrastructure, and direct community support will provide benefits and business-building opportunities to suppliers, partners, and local businesses.

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our dedication to supporting personal and community prosperity and well-being through our operations contributes to the achievement of UN SDGs.

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Sustainability Management

5E business and governance practices ensure safe, responsible, and sustainable operations.

Corporate Governance Statement

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Corporate Code of Business Conduct

Equity Compensation Plan