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5E is building a BORON+ Advanced Materials business that operates across the value chain from resource extraction, to refinement, to distribution. Distribution of high-quality BORON+ Advanced Materials is of primary focus since the business is backward integrated from customer product offering into processing and extraction methods. Such backward integration is made possible given our access to wholly-owned, low-cost, quality boron supply.


5E’s advanced materials business is underpinned by a low cost colemanite boron resource located in Southern California, which serves as the largest known new conventional boron deposit globally. The asset is further supported by its geographical advantage, infrastructure and permits in place, and light touch environmental footprint.

Favorable operating environment in Southern California

Access to Infrastructure and Utilities (water, electricity, natural gas, rail)

Permitted for flow sheet

Light touch environment footprint given solution extraction and geothermal potential

Significant by-product benefits in Lithium, and Gypsum